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Here's how you can avoid being taken out

It is never fun to lose money. The only thing worse than losing your money is losing other people's money.

Take time over the holidays to reflect on your last year and plan for an amazing New Year.

There are only three ways to increase sales revenue. More clients, more money spent per client, more frequency of the client buying. The power is in multiplying them.

Idealism always works at low resolutions. Only if it stands the scrutiny of zooming in is it worth fighting for.

If you qualify your team members by whether they have a degree or not, you might be missing the boat... completely.

It seems to be that when a companies employee(s) aren't happy, the knee-jerk reaction is to assume it's about money. Raise the pay, get better employees or keep them longer - not true.

There is always talk on priorities. The truth is, as any one of us, there are at least 7 areas we need to prioritize.

Investors, Bankers, Dragons and Sharks all ask similar questions. They know that there are specific keys to a business having the best chance of succeeding. This model helps you answer those questions

There are many definitions of Vision, Mission, Values and Goals. Here is an analogy we use on how they all fit together.

Our Ninjas often find that our 90-minute meetings can uncover some quick wins

In business and life, the role of the mentor cannot be overstated.

We all get into business only to discover there is so much more to know. As we learn this, often our stress goes up and we lose the zeal we once had for our business. We want to change both of those.

The lack of engagement costs the German economy 287 billion euros a year in lost productivity. What does it cost you?

In the 20 seconds between serves, the top tennis players ritualistic bounces allow them to almost fully recover to full potential. Leaders can learn similar habits with this buckets exercise

Thinking that paying them, even ludicrous amounts of money, and hoping this will keep them coming to work for you is not only naive, it s likely going to kill your business soon.

Once a business or a team starts on a negative spiral, it can be difficult to turn the momentum around.
I m here to encourage you: It can be done.

This whole talk about culture can often turn off the more practical-minded people. If you re anything like me - and I work in the industry - the thought of fixing company culture gives me the heebie-jeebies

Of all the challenges the economy in Alberta brings, finding trades people and any skilled labour has proven to be the biggest.

These are the top 10 books I would recommend to any leader and especially those who have any hiring responsibility.

As we reach through the people we know and out to those we don t yet know, our reach is limited to anyone who is listening. This is the core of the problem...

We can no longer hope to hire people the same way we used to. It seems when we need to hire, the first thing we do is post an ad with a list of all we want and hope to have a steady stream of people jumping through the hoop eager to work with us.

employees manually carried fuel up 17 flights of stairs for three days to save our generator while an interim fuel supply and pump could be installed...

A bad hire can easily cost 40% of the persons annual salary. Hard costs from $25,000 to $50,000. What about damaged relationships and...

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